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Thanks for visiting Sports Crap. My desire to continue blogging in this form and spend much time at my computer has disappeared. As of this day I am now retired as your loyal sports crap correspondent .
At some point I will edit these posts down to a greatest hits package. Thanks for checking this out and check out my website if you are so inclined.

Grant Shilling

Posted by: cedarsurf | July 7, 2010

Here’s to Uruguay !

I  love the spirit of the Uraguauy soccer team,  no quit,

For Uruguay Forlan celebrated his fourth goal of the tournament with “a suave wave of his arm” as reported by TSN

Forlan left in the 85th minute

which seemed like a glaring miscalculation after Uruguay brought it to 3-2 with about three minutes and the referee adding minutes and seconds to the clock as if he didn’t want to see it end either…

After the match Coach Oscar Tabarez said that his star player was hurt.

“From minute one he had a problem,” Tabarez said. “I’m not dumb enough to take him out at 3-1 when the match wasn’t lost. He was injured and could not continue.”

The statement sounds a bit elaborate but in any case Forlan was a tiger out there with such steely concentration and almost joyous determination.

Here’s to Uruguay -what a great finale to their match with the Netherlands – no quit

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Bob Probert R.I.P

He was a tough guy, who could score goals and not only fought NHL opponents but his share of demons. Now at 45 he is gone way too soon.

Former NHL enforcer Bob Probert has died of an apparent heart attack after being rushed to hospital with vital signs absent after collapsing on a boat on Lake St. Clair in Windsor, Ontario on Monday.
One of the most feared fighters in the history of the NHL, the Windsor native scored 163 goals and added 221 assists and whopping 3,300 penalty minutes in 935 career NHL games.

While Probert’s bouts with the likes of Tie Domi and Marty McSorley were legendary, he was also an incredibly skilled player who played in the 1988 NHL All-Star game. A star on the ice, Probert battled his demons off the ice, including well documented problems with the law as well as alcohol and substance abuse. He also spent time in an NHL-supervised substance abuse treatment center.

Recently he appeared in the CBC Blades of Glory show where hockey players were matched with figure skaters. He looked very happy, handsome and healthy. Hard to believe.
Carpe diem friends.

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England, Oh My England

N.B. Submitted by an English Sports Crap Reader

POLICE STATEMENT- A man has been found in a River this morning wearing a england shirt,womens knickers,fishnet stockings, suspenders,a blow up doll on the end of his todger and a dildo stuck up his arse. Police have removed the shirt to save the family any embarrassment.

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One Way England Will Win the World Cup

N>B Submitted by an English Sports Crap Reader

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Manute Bol R.I.P

A gentle soul, humanitarian, global citizen.

Manute Bol, a lithe seven-foot-seven shot-blocker from Sudan who spent 10 seasons in the NBA and was dedicated to humanitarian work in Africa, died Saturday. He was 47.

Bol died at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, where he was being treated for severe kidney trouble and a painful skin condition, Tom Prichard, executive director of the group Sudan Sunrise, said in an email.

“Sudan and the world have lost a hero and an example for all of us,” Prichard said. “Manute, we’ll miss you. Our prayers and best wishes go out to all his family, and all who mourn his loss.”

Bol played in the NBA with Washington, Golden State, Philadelphia and Miami, averaging 2.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.3 blocks for his career. He led the league in blocks in 1985-86 with Washington (5.0 per game) and in 1988-89 with Golden State (4.3 a game).

“Manute’s impact on this city, our franchise and the game of basketball cannot be put into words,” 76ers president and general manager Ed Stefanski said in a statement. “He … was continually giving of himself through his generosity and humanitarian efforts in order to make the world around him a much better place, for which he will always be remembered.”

Bol joined the NBA with Washington in 1985 and played three seasons there. He returned to the team briefly toward the end of his career. The Wizards lauded him as a “true humanitarian and an ambassador for the sport of basketball.”

“Despite his accomplishments on the court, his lasting legacy will be the tireless work and causes he promoted in his native Sudan and the cities in which he played,” the club said in a statement.

After the NBA, Bol worked closely as an advisory board member of Sudan Sunrise, which promotes reconciliation in Sudan. .

Bol was hospitalized in mid-May during a stopover in Washington after returning to the United States from Sudan. Prichard said then that Bol was in Sudan to help build a school in conjunction with Sudan Sunrise but stayed longer than anticipated after the president of southern Sudan asked him to make election appearances and use his influence to counter corruption in the county.

He said Bol had undergone three dialysis treatments and developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a condition that caused him to lose patches of skin. Prichard said the skin around Bol’s mouth was so sore he went 11 days without eating and could barely talk.

Prichard said it’s believed Bol contracted the skin disease as a reaction to kidney medication he took while in Africa.

Janis Ricker, operations manager of Sudan Sunrise, said Saturday the organization will continue its work building the school in Bol’s home village in southern Sudan. She said Bol’s goal was to build 41 sch

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Dropped Ball =Dropped Lingerie

If the British tabs are to be believed, getting dumped by his Canadian girlfriend is the reason England’s goalie dropped the ball at the World Cup.

The papers are pointing to Elizabeth Minett, a leggy Toronto-area model as a possible reason for goalie Robert Green fumbling a routine catch that allowed the U.S. to tie the match on Saturday.

Minett is a 23-year-old lingerie model who was involved with Green, but split with the goalie before the World Cup.

U.K. tabloid The Daily Mirror says Green is “apparently devastated” after parting ways with Minett.

The paper does, however, quote Green’s agent saying the split has not affected the goalie’s focus on the game.

According to the Daily Mail, the pair met two years ago in Toronto when Green’s team was touring Canada.

The paper says the couple lived together in a London apartment until about a month ago, when the relationship ended, leaving Green apparently down in the dumps.

Earlier, Minett had told a British paper she was going to cheer Green on in South Africa, and even had plans to speak to him in French so the couple could have some privacy.

Green has since apologized for his blunder saying the fumble made him even more determined to play again “to right the wrong.”

Minett, who graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in economics, currently works for Elite Model Management.

In addition to modelling, the blonde, 5-foot-10 Minett has starred in pop videos for U.S. pop star Hilary Duff.

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Spelling Bees,UFC & Darwin

I was in the gym on the stair master and the tv was on TSN with the mute on. The show on the sports network was the Scripps Spelling Bee competition. This is now a sporting event , sort of like bridge except for the tweener set.
It seems like everything these days is now some sort of Darwinian contest in the name of reality tv.
An ad during the Bee competition was this kind of punching dummy, endorsed by some UFC thug. Naturally there were chicks punching the bag dressed in dental floss. The only thing more sexy than a chick with a gun is a chick with a good upper cut apparently.
Back to the Spelling Bee and I noticed that the young contestants would give each other the high five -but ever so gentle just making palm to palm contact -real gentle like. I also couldn’t help but notice that a priest was one of the judges for the contest. Something very disturbing about watching young boys line up in front of a priest
How do you spell P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E?
On the way back from the gym I noticed that the tattoo shop is selling UFC shirts apparently this is the demographic.
Despite the rise in interest in UFC I am shocked to notice the decrease in arm-to-arm combatbility in our armed serivces , police, military etc.
This was my main complaint after our RCMP killed Robert Dziekanski with a taser. This despite there being six cops on the scene. My shock at that was that none of these guys knew how to defuse one guy with basic martial arts skills?
This brings us to the sad news of the day with the Israeli raid on the Floatilla. What I can’t believe is that strategically the Israelis weren’t prepared for arm to arm combat and didn’t send in their martial art experts. The unpreparedness is shocking as are the results.
Finally -how do you spell peace?

ps Say Yes to the Arab boycott of Israeli/Jewish products. The nuclear bomb ws the product of Einstein’s mind.

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Overtime = More Beer

Off to the Waverly tonight here in Cumberland to hook up with my buddy Glen Sanford amongst other hats the maker of the fine alterna-film Useless the story of Gerry ‘Useless’ Hannah late of the Direct Action blow up real good gang The Squamish Five and the seminal punk band The Subhumans.

Sanford & I plan on watching the Third Period of the Black Hawks (actually now officially one word but formerly two as printed here) FlyersThere is now &7:40 left i the Firest Period of Game Three no score. Props to both goalies in Game Two for regaining form. Particularly pleased to see the Flyers start Leighton and him play a real good game. Nimi for Chicago had 33 saves -which if first rate NHL playoff goaltending -well done boys.On the offensive front Kane and Toews have regained the form they disp[layed throughout the playoffs and reg. season. Twenty one and twenty two years old Hull and Makita’s age the last time the BlacK Hawks won the Stanley Cup…

Briere just scored for Flyers on pp. 1-0 Flyers. pretend this is a tweet ok.Anyway, Sanford and I are to discuss over beer u understand an upcoming Cali road trip wehre I plan to ravel from Santa Cruz to San Diego interviewing Pat Farley -Vietnam Vet who discovered there was surf in the war zone and surfed it – author of the super fine Surfing to Saigon (self published -way to be d.i.y guy), Doc Paskowitz cowboy and father of Israeli Surf, Shaun Back Door ‘ Thomson and a whole lot more. Plans are to document the Cali road trip with rare footage of the Longboard Daddy-o.

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Handmade Hoops Put Clang Into New York Courts

The old steel rim that presides over this public basketball court absorbs missed shots with an angry clank, sending the ball careening upward and the wood and metal backboard into a rickety seizure.

Two Cool Sports Stories In the New York Times with links here.

Like generations before them, the young men who play at the ramshackle court in St. Nicholas Park in Harlem know the rim is so troublesome that they tend to avoid perimeter jump shots in favor of aggressive drives to the basket, where perhaps its vagaries will be less pronounced.

“These are ghetto rims,” said Quaeshawn Berry, a lanky 14-year-old who is a regular at the park. “But I prefer these. I’ve been playing on these my whole life.”

These unforgiving, practically unbreakable orange rims — built so simply that there are no hooks to accommodate a net — are longstanding fixtures of the public basketball courts throughout New York City, where they play a minor, if usually overlooked, role in countless pick-up games.

But largely unknown to even the most devoted practitioners of the city game is that most of the basketball rims on these courts have been individually crafted by a team of blacksmiths who cut, weld and paint each by hand.

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