Posted by: cedarsurf | January 27, 2010

Serving Athletes or French Fries and Coke?

Are the 2010 Olympic games about serving athletes or French fries and coke? Based on the evidence, sadly it would appear to be the later. How else to explain the Alpine events that will be competed for on a bald, bare Cypress Mountain and not here on the marvelous powder of Mountain Washington?

If the Olympic Games are about athletic excellence and achievement –splendid ideals- shouldn’t every effort be made to insure the quality of conditions? . How to explain that in all probability (there’s still time!) this won’t happen? Crass commercialism and cynical politics are the explanation, Olympic ideals be dammed!

Perhaps Vancouver will distinguish its place in the Olympic movement by representing a turning point –a return to the Games true ideals. Maybe it is time we consider an alternative Olympics one built less on commercialism and b.s. politics and instead truly indicative of the best of human endeavor. I’d raise my torch to that.

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