Posted by: cedarsurf | February 13, 2010

Booze Up & Riot

Found Gary Mason’s column ‘The real threat to the Olympics could be a bloody protest’ troubling in its dismissiveness of dissent, very mainstream and sycophantic. But found it reminded me of an earlier incident from Terminal City days and  Godzilla Salmi and the paper being sued for suggesting Canucklehead fans booze up and riot at the conclusion of the infamous Game Seven when Mark Messier (who would later suck as a Canuck) beat the home team in Game Seven.

Who knew that they would booze up and riot? Hockey fans? Geeez the last great hockey riot was after Richard got suspended by Clarence Campbell -not only were the fans all boozed up and riotous, but they apparently were doing it in the name of a free Quebec Nation! Vive le difference! I say!

The Straight interviewed Mark Leier who usefully commented  “One of the things that the Olympics does is it gives people a focus,” Leier said. “They’re angry about the HST [harmonized sales tax]. They’re angry about the job losses. They’re angry at the complete inability of governments to articulate the demands of people. And the Olympics are now essentially a huge party for some people to which most of us have not been invited. My sense is that people will see this as a reason to say, ‘Hold it. We’re mad. We’re not taking it anymore.’ ”

Meanwhile for those who might like a soundtrack to their boozing and rioting, Sport Crap suggests the Furies


  1. I’m glad those hippie protestors are in Vancouver and not in Tofino !! Most of the protestors from here in the 90s have sold out and now work for the man !!!

  2. The man? Does that mean they run Vacation rentals and B & B’s?

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