Posted by: cedarsurf | February 22, 2010

Give Marc Andre Fleury the Start for Canada

First off hats off  to both  the Yanks and Canucks for a fine NHL style hockey game – minus the fighting. Ryan Miller goalie for the USA was the difference. I don’t like to blame goalie’s being a member of the Goalie Union myself -but Brodeur-let the Canucks down. So who to play next game?
As Brodeur did nothing to earn the next start the assumption would be to give the start to Luongo. However Louuu has not proven to be a clutch goalie – giving up seven goals to the Black Hawks in the last game of the Canucks season last year in the play-offs.
The Sport Crap brain trust suggests Marc Andre Fleury, young star, Stanley Cup winning goalie for the Penguins should get the start. Giving young netminders the surprise start in NHL playoff games -see Ken Dryden as the prime example -is a long surprise tradition in the NHL. The same should apply here. I don’t think it will happen but you heard it here first.


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