Posted by: cedarsurf | February 23, 2010

Cathy at Dodge City Video-Virtue and Moir on the TV

On the way back from the gym I stopped in to see Cathy where she runs Dodge City Video. I told her I was doing an informal poll. Did she have a minute?

She did.
Has the Olympics effected her sales on renting DVD’s?

Cathy thought and said business was about the same. “Most people have two tv’s. While one is watching the Olympics the other is watching something they rented.Not all the kids are interested so I still rent games and video games. Some people say they are sick of the Olympics do I have something –puhlease.”
Was she watching the Olympics?
“Everything but the hockey.Hockey is like watching golf.”
Insane! I couldn’t even go there with her. I emphasized this. I like Cathy! But this statement of hers was making me crazy.

I tried to leave. She had more to say. I desperately had to find some common ground -this hockey golf thing was making crazy stuff.

I paused.

Did she watch the Ice Dancing?
“I love the ice dancing.”
We spoke of the youthful,fragile,beauty.

I mentioned how I loved -the -love and good sportsmanship between the fantastic and explosive American couple oU.S. champions Meryl Davis  and Charlie White training mates of the Canadian pair of Tessa Virtue and  Scott Moir.

Virtue -the swan grace of her arms.

At  the tender ages of 20 and 22, they are also the youngest Olympic ice dancing champions in history. They have skated with each other since they were six or something!

There was such joy and happiness between the Canadian and American couples. The Canadians were being interviewed by the French Canadian cable channel RDS .

(French,Canadians and Americans -sounds like North America to me -and these two pairs are the first from North America ever to win medals in ice dancing comps. at the Olympics.)

Davis and White burst into the RDS interview and gave their friends a big hug.

The smile on the magnificent  Meryl David, her wonderful aqualine nose , auburn hair and glowing eyes poking over the shoulder of the Canadian -brought tears. There’d be more moisture from me .Though not during the anthem where Virtue and Moir not only  actually knew every word to the anthem but in their  super stoked youth – Alpha force Scott was totally pumped  throughout – but not terribly emotional.Tears were for us olders-perhaps who recognizing this fleeting gift.

Or as they say ” If they look young to you, you look old to them.”

I made a point of pointing out to my eight year old son watching the games with us -this great sportsmanship- he was still sulking after his cribbage match with his mother.
For the record he denies the sulking part.
I feel the glow of that best of the Olympic- spirit -moment on the way to the gym. At the gym while on the mat stretching and the Beatles Classic Rocking it on Jim Pattison’s 97.3 “Eagle”

” Don’t Let Me Down.”

The mute button was on a replay of  the Canadian couples stellar performance.

They danced and twirled to an uber -funk sound. I got of the mat and got to work.


  1. I liked the ice dancing

  2. Absolute beauty and sportsmanship.

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