Posted by: cedarsurf | February 25, 2010

7-3 ,eh?

The last time there was a 7-3 shocker between Russia and Canada in hockey was at the 1972 Summit Series.
In Game One, held in Montreal on September 2, Phil Esposito scored for Canada after just 30 seconds of play. When Canada took a two-goal lead six minutes in, Canadian spectators and pundits alike felt that pre-series predictions of a rout had been proven correct. The hard-working Soviets staged a comeback, though, tying the score before the end of the first period. In the second period, Valeri Kharlamov scored twice, giving the Soviets a two-goal lead. Bobby Clarke scored to bring Canada within one, but the Soviets pulled away with three more goals in the third and won 7-3. The Canadian players later commented on the superior physical conditioning of the Soviets, as well as their disciplined and relentless playing style. This general scheme—of the Canadians playing well initially but declining near the end of the game due to insufficient physical conditioning—was to be a common feature of the series. Another difference was that the Soviets stayed in peak physical condition all year round, while the Canadians had a summer off-season and relied upon the last-minute training camp to get back in shape.
Last night conditioning wasn’t a factor as the Canadians and Russians are both in mid-season form. The results can only be considered a surprise. Nobody expected the Canadians to be so dominant.

The Russians have to be questioned for leaving in Nabokov for six goals. You could see the way that he was looking at the bench that he was practically begging to be pulled. Apparently this is contrary to Russian thinking -though they did give up the ghost after six goals.

Slovaks (Congrats for a deserved win over  Sweden)  nice to meet you.

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