Posted by: cedarsurf | March 2, 2010

Silver and Gold : Were the Olympics Worth It? Either Way – East Van Rules.

The questions being asked everywhere today by traditional corporate media is were the Olympics worth it ? Is Roberto Luongo worth 6 million dollars a year  as the headline of  the (Jocks paper) Province recently  put it?A question that pops up in reference to other sport stars regularly.What is anyone worth ? And for doing what? Is their a word for that?

Well, some times the answer lies in how much we the fans have to pay to witness these sports stars. If Roberto Luongo is getting paid six million dollars a year-then you the sports fan get to pay for that. The word in this case is Roberto Luongo .

Its why most  families cannot afford to go the Cancuks games and get to watch it on tv with the rest of us. Me I like watching the games on tv and having the Olympics at a distance-thanks Vancouver for the show as watched  from here in Dodge.

But having  Roberto Luongo under contract for the Canucks  makes them likelier to be winners. And you the fan the loser (can’t  afford to go to the game) but winner at the same time. Well its very complicated.

Did six billion dollars make the Olympics a winner ? Is it love or ( amateur -coming from amore to do for love) money?

Well definitely money. You the taxpayer get to pay for it. Polls say the Olympic ride was worth it. For now. Then we want more kicks. Please.

How to measure the giddy rush that these Olympics produced? Was it worth it? What is a good surf worth ? It costs money sure. But ultimately it is priceless ( and yes for the rest there is Master Charge – by the way  not an official olympic sponsor.)

Will I ever look at McDonald’s the same again. Golden arches indeed.

How to measure the value of art? The only way traditional media respond to it is when a work sells at auction (Damien Hirst ) for a lot of money – or a profile of another wacky artist or in Hisrt’s case both. At least Hirst is still alive to enjoy it -most of the dead guy painter stuff that sells for big time -are yes, quite dead.

Ken Lum’s Van East neon cross over East Van is a fine  artistic legacy to these games (see above). What’s it worth?

Speaking of  art and deals with the devil what was Crosby’s overtime goal worth ? What is Ryan Kessler’s scoring an overtime goal worth?

Oh that one’s easy.

Its the difference between Silver and Gold .


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