Posted by: cedarsurf | March 21, 2010

Kid in the Hall -Ryan Kesler

Did any of you get the chance to see the most excellent latest Kids in the Hall series called Death Comes to Town? A case of fantastic ensemble acting, a great visual look and yes, a dark comedy about a Grim Reaper come to a little bug fart town called Shuckton (shot in North Bay Ontario it looks beautiful ).

The Reaper stays at the No Tell Motel -and yes he makes house calls. He has this monkeys paw like – grim reaper i- skeleton plastic hand that rings when ever he has to make a house call. Well naturaly, Mr. G. goes around town doing what he does best -killing people and leaving a trail of suspects and future victims. Good fun , a great variety of characters played by each actor. Scott Thompson is particularly brilliant in his love affair with a dead Bruce McCulloch character. They all shine. You tube it -or whatever now.

Speaking of the Kids in the Hall -Ryan Kesler has signed a six year $30 million contract . Yes, folks that’s five million a season. No one can forget Kesler in the Hall on TV between the second and third period of the Canada-USA Gold Medal game suggesting his Canuck teammate Roberto Luongo (playing against him in this game as the goalie for Team Canada) was looking shakey going into the third.

Remember when Bobby Clarke in his last move as a Flyers General Manager offered Kesler  a $1.9 million deal, for scoring ten  goals and the Canucks had to match what was considered an insane offer or lose him. It was taken as one more sign that the old Kharlamov ankle slapper had lost the cup to his jock. Sure Kesler is ‘scaling’ his stats steadily powering up (he’s got 66 points so far  this season), he’s got game and a bit of a, dare-I say- the love that dare not speak its name- ‘typical’ American cockiness to him-it makes him a winner -he’s Jarkko Ruutu with talent and is developing a real Camille ‘The Eel’ Henry talent for tipping the puck.

But $5 Million?! Yes, yes, yes its the market value. And its a silly auld world.

Even the Canucks GM Mike Gillis ( aformer player’s agent) is basically admitting they paid a lot (and of course does that mean more than market value?) when he commented “we’re hoping that this is going to drive Ryan to be even better.” well time will tell -its kind of like he bought a Ryan Kesler Futures.

Good luck Mr. Kesler. And welcome aboard the long term contract ship with the Sedins, Louie and now you my man.

I will be curious to watch the evolution of a long term contract amd fans expectations/relationships in regard to Mr. Luongo. Who has now been pulled seven times and he may be next year’s  J.S. Giguere.

Giguère’s first winning season in the NHL helped the Mighty Ducks enter the 2003 playoffs as the seventh seed in the Western Conference.From that point, Giguere delivered what many regard to be one of the greatest playoff performances in NHL history as he helped lead the team on a Cinderella their first First Stanley Cup Finals.

Giguère’s playoff MVP performance was rewarded in the off-season with a four-year contract extension, signed on September 10, 2003 However, his performance was inconsistent throughout much of the 2003-04 as the Mighty Ducks missed the playoffs. He posted a losing 17-31-6 record and his GAA increased to 2.62..He is now a comeback project with Brian Burke’s (his GM in Anaheim) Toronto Maple Leafs.

This is not to want any ill will for Luongo its just furthers my own personal enmity to ridiculous figures which supposedly represent market value.

There is something very Death Comes to Town about long term contract’s and like the fine Kids in the Hall series I will be watching with interest.

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