Posted by: cedarsurf | March 23, 2010

Ongoing Winter (Olympic) Fun

The tobogganing and skate sports have continued on with the Paralympic Games just concluding. I was in the gym Saturday on the stair master watching the Sledge Hockey between the USA and Japan (the US won the gold -congratulations) and a variety of highlights from the Vancouver games .

Lauren Woolstencroft was truly astounding taking home Five Gold Medals in downhill events. Born with out legs below the knee and missing one half arm watching Woolstencroft zipping down the hills is truly astonishing -and with such authority.

My old gym partner Rick Hansen has been once again brought into focus with these Games (he worked out at the Vancouver Downtown Nautilus where I was an instructor in the early to mid 80’s. Hansen was training for his Man in Motion go round the world.) It is the 25th anniversary of his tour and with the Paralympics in town Rick was an Ambassador to the Games and the perfect go to guy for thoughts and ideas about Paralympics etc. Hansen emphasizes that it is all about the competition and the competitiveness -not a pity party or -but how can we help ourselves a shortcut lesson in inspiration- the competition comes first.

Along those lines Brian McKeever of Canmore,Alta. yes, a member of the other Olympic squad as well as the Parlaympic won his third gold medal on the last day of the Paralympics with a victory in the one-kilometre cross country sprint for the visually impaired.
Elsewhere Kristina Groves, 33 captured gold in the 1,500 metre world all-round speed skating championships in Netherland -the hot bed of all things speed skatey.She won the silver in the event at the Vancouver Olympics and is retiring with a bang.
Meanwhile after a bumpy Olympic ride Canadian pair champions Jesica Dube and Bryce Davison are hoping for more this week at the World Championships in Turin, Italy.

Finally West Vancouver snowboarder Maelle Ricker who gold at Vancouver, took the world’s women’s title in snowcross .

Congratulations all!

For me as close to amateur (the love of doing something)  as you need to get in sport .

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