Posted by: cedarsurf | April 23, 2010

Moscow Dynamo –

The crazy, anarchical gangsta- capitalism that has defined Mother Russia since the fall of the iron curtain has now reached the rink.

As reported on TSN’s website the Moscow Dynamo’s dynasty is about to crumble.The Dynamo as far as hockey dynaties go are the equivalent of the Montreal Canadiens. Established in 1946 and the winner of nine national titles, two Spengler Cups and one IIHF European Champions Cup, Dynamo is considered as one of the truly elite hockey teams in Russia’s history.  They have produced such legends as Valeri Vasiliev and Alexsander Maltsev and more recently the likes of Alex Kovalev, Alexei Yashin and Alexander Ovechkin.

They may be a victim of the ambitions of the KHL.As in most situations of this ilk, the central issue appears to be money, but as most things are when dealing with the KHL, it may not be that simple.

“Hockey in Russia is not business but is more of a social program,” explained Dmitry Chesnokov., a longtime Dynamefan and contributoir to Yahoo’s Puck Daddy. “People pay between $5 and $20 to see a game. The bulk of the money comes from sponsorships. And Dynamo’s sponsors decided not to invest in the team anymore. Dynamo’s revenues cannot sustain the expenses the team has. As strange as it sounds, the oldest club in Russia does not even have its own arena.”

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