Posted by: cedarsurf | May 23, 2010

Hockey = Rape?

Laura Robinson thinks that if you cherish the young boys in your life, you should keep them away from the game of hockey.

“I would never let a boy I cared about be in hockey,” Robinson told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview from Ontario.

Robinson, a freelance journalist and author of Crossing the Line: Violence and Sexual Assault in Canada’s National Sport (McLelland & Stewart, 1998), has spent the past 18 years looking at sexual-assault cases involving hockey players. She said she was horrified to discover a “subculture of rape and violence in hockey beginning at the junior level”, and she claims that nothing has changed from the time she started her research.

Check the above link and reach your own conclusions but I find that she is painting with a pretty broad brush.

So what does golf lead to?

Bad pants….



  1. What about bad haircuts?

    Hockey leads to bad haircuts for sure!!

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