Posted by: cedarsurf | June 3, 2010

Overtime = More Beer

Off to the Waverly tonight here in Cumberland to hook up with my buddy Glen Sanford amongst other hats the maker of the fine alterna-film Useless the story of Gerry ‘Useless’ Hannah late of the Direct Action blow up real good gang The Squamish Five and the seminal punk band The Subhumans.

Sanford & I plan on watching the Third Period of the Black Hawks (actually now officially one word but formerly two as printed here) FlyersThere is now &7:40 left i the Firest Period of Game Three no score. Props to both goalies in Game Two for regaining form. Particularly pleased to see the Flyers start Leighton and him play a real good game. Nimi for Chicago had 33 saves -which if first rate NHL playoff goaltending -well done boys.On the offensive front Kane and Toews have regained the form they disp[layed throughout the playoffs and reg. season. Twenty one and twenty two years old Hull and Makita’s age the last time the BlacK Hawks won the Stanley Cup…

Briere just scored for Flyers on pp. 1-0 Flyers. pretend this is a tweet ok.Anyway, Sanford and I are to discuss over beer u understand an upcoming Cali road trip wehre I plan to ravel from Santa Cruz to San Diego interviewing Pat Farley -Vietnam Vet who discovered there was surf in the war zone and surfed it – author of the super fine Surfing to Saigon (self published -way to be d.i.y guy), Doc Paskowitz cowboy and father of Israeli Surf, Shaun Back Door ‘ Thomson and a whole lot more. Plans are to document the Cali road trip with rare footage of the Longboard Daddy-o.


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