Posted by: cedarsurf | June 15, 2010

Dropped Ball =Dropped Lingerie

If the British tabs are to be believed, getting dumped by his Canadian girlfriend is the reason England’s goalie dropped the ball at the World Cup.

The papers are pointing to Elizabeth Minett, a leggy Toronto-area model as a possible reason for goalie Robert Green fumbling a routine catch that allowed the U.S. to tie the match on Saturday.

Minett is a 23-year-old lingerie model who was involved with Green, but split with the goalie before the World Cup.

U.K. tabloid The Daily Mirror says Green is “apparently devastated” after parting ways with Minett.

The paper does, however, quote Green’s agent saying the split has not affected the goalie’s focus on the game.

According to the Daily Mail, the pair met two years ago in Toronto when Green’s team was touring Canada.

The paper says the couple lived together in a London apartment until about a month ago, when the relationship ended, leaving Green apparently down in the dumps.

Earlier, Minett had told a British paper she was going to cheer Green on in South Africa, and even had plans to speak to him in French so the couple could have some privacy.

Green has since apologized for his blunder saying the fumble made him even more determined to play again “to right the wrong.”

Minett, who graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in economics, currently works for Elite Model Management.

In addition to modelling, the blonde, 5-foot-10 Minett has starred in pop videos for U.S. pop star Hilary Duff.


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